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February 23, 2015

Employees present: Steve Wilke, Jason Speegle, Sara Weinert, Allyson Moon, Rick Cowlishaw.

Green Team members present: Shawna Castaño, Kasie Jones, Kali  Brewer, Cata Wingfield, Jessica Gremling, Stephanie Hill, Kylie Stamper, Krista Scheuerman.


Green Team members served as a focus group to talk about possible initiatives for future sustainability efforts by the college.

Steve led a discussion on the student center. The lower floor of the union is underutilized, and there have been suggestions that we put more program headquarters on this floor. This could be a sustainability center and would give a focus for sustainability issues. The space is located in the current Moundbuilder Market area.  (Reaction to this is discussed in #2 below.)

What would be the next steps of progress? Green Team suggestions:

  1. Not using trays in the cafeteria? Sustainability will be one of the criteria companies bidding to do SC’s food service will be judged on when they make presentations next week.
  1. Steve asked about relationship between Green Team and remainder of student body. One member said most students don’t know who members of the Green Team are. More outreach is needed to get visibility. Jason’s office is not on a main traffic pattern. Signage needed? Members were enthusiastic about putting Jason’s office and Green Team activities in the lower level of the student center. This would aid visibility, convenience, and participation.
  2. Is a sustainability club or other activity needed for persons who want to be involved but not to the extent of being on the Green Team? Eco-Builder? Students say that is already the way the Green Team is organized. Everyone is welcome to join, whether on scholarship or not.  More awareness is needed by students, education on how to live sustainability. Both why and how are important, as is making it easy for people to change their behavior.
  3. Is the college changing on sustainability? Veteran members of the group see change, but slowly.
  4. Workshop on living green? People forget to do the small things that lead to sustainability (such as turning off lights.)
  5. What about the relationship with Winfield? Some things we can do as Winfield does it. (Single stream recycling, for example.) E-waste is an example of success of working with municipalities. Rick pointed out this is a service for the city. Allyson mentioned the partnership of Green Team with Grace UMC to pick up Island Park.
    1. Making spaces a great place to be?
    2. Some political work with businesses to influence retail to make different choices? How do you affect the kind of change that lets Sonic not use Styrofoam?
    3. For incoming freshmen, could we send a group to a recycling center? Or to a business that they could experience recycling?
    4. Meet with mom-and-pop shops to get them to transition to sustainability? How to incentivize this? Greenbucks that could be exchanged for a t-shirt?
    5. Recycling containers at Island Park? And all public spaces (baseball fields, tennis courts, etc.)?
  6. What is in the mind of high school students? At Stephanie’s high school, a class is taught in going green, but none of the high schools of other GT members did. It would be easier to shape attitudes and behaviors if students came already with some exposure to this issue. Even in Winfield High School there are no recycling bins.
  7. Several of the students are in the sustainability minor. How did they find out about it? Jason has been the primary promoter of the minor. To be on the Green Team a student has to be enrolled in certain sustainability classes and earning the minor is only a couple classes beyond this.
  8. How could class projects be used in other ways? Class poster project of green projects in Java Jinx was successful. Leaving it out longer would have been helpful.
  9. Steve suggested the majority of those not involved with sustainability on campus are not opposed to sustainability, but uneducated. GT members agreed. Peer education and influence could help with the issue. Rick: Sustainability is being defined by the wrong people. Instead of being promoted as a healthier and more prosperous life, it is being promoted as deprivation and hardship. We have to make sustainability cool for young people.  



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