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Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi 'Bryon' HCC 77 Pts

Always in flower when plant is mature.

Price:  $30.00 (SOLD OUT)

Dtps Fire Cracker

Phalaenopsis Fire Cracker 'Gertie' AM 80 Pts

(Red Coral x Doritis pulcherrima)

An old AOS awarded Phal.  Summer blooming with a lot of flower spikes.

Price: $30.00

phal equestris

Phalaenopsis equestris 'Hampshire' HCC 77 Pts

Really nice species.  Small keiki's about 1.5 inches.

Price: $30.00 (SOLD OUT)

Phal equestris 4N

Phalaenopsis equestris 'Bryon'

Species from the Philippines

Price: $20.00 (SOLD OUT)

Phal golden butterfly

Phalaenopsis Golden Butterfly 'Bryon' HCC 77 Pts

(venosa x celebensis)

Flowers are about 1".  Keikis off the inflorescences.

Price: $30.00

Phal Kuntrati

Phalaenopsis Kuntrarti Rarashati 'Copperstate' HCC 77 Pts

(equestris x venosa)

Great multiflora Phalaenopsis.  Throws out a lot flower spikes and always in bloom when mature.

Price: $25.00



Phal Mambo 'Green Valley' CCM 82 Pts

(amboinensis x mannii)

Throws out a lot of flower spikes.

Price: $25.00

Phal Walnut Valley Cutie


Phalaenpsis Walnut Valley Cutie 'M & B' 

(Terilyn Pixie 'Bryon' AM x Be Tris 'Charlene Rinke')

Small growing plants with branched inflorescences, and lots of small flower.

Price:  $25.00

Ann Lar x hong 

Phalaenopsis Walnut Valley Itty Bitty

 (Phal Anna-Lareti Soekardi 'Bryon' HCC 75 Pts x Phal honghenensis 'Bryon' HCC 75 Pts)

Small Phalaenopsis plants with pale pink/white flowers with a colored lip. Putting on nice new leaves. Just got an HCC on the first one.

Continuely putting out new inflorescences.  Great mini Phalaenopsis.  Blooming size.


Price: $20.00

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