• The principal index to nursing and allied health journal articles plus full text for about 200 health science journals. Contains full-text. Excellent starting point for peer–reviewed or evidence-based literature, including health conditions, emergency injury management, and athlete biomechanics.
  • SPORTDiscus with Fulltext
  • An index for the journal and monographic literature for topics in areas such as sports medicine, exercise physiology, physical fitness, and recreation. Includes full text content from over 400 journals. If research into a specific sport is your intent, such as compression stockings on runners, try searching here.
  • ProQuest Health & Medical Complete
  • ProQuest Health and Medical Complete provides in-depth coverage from over 1,950 publications with over 1,660 available in full text.The journals cover all major clinical and healthcare disciplines. In addition, the database includes all charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical elements essential to research.
  • A user-friendly interface to the PubMed database that provides direct linking to the full text of articles available at Southwestern.
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module  
  • Provides an integrated collection of general interest and fitness magazines, medical and professional periodicals, reference books and pamphlets.
  • Health Reference Center Academic
  • Provides access to articles on fitness, pregnancy, medicine, nutrition, diseases, public health, occupational health and safety, alcohol and drug abuse, HMOs, prescription drugs, etc.
  • See the Nursing & Health, Science, and General Topics Resource Guides and for additional databases.


  • Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals
  • Written for the professional, clinically describes diseases and conditions, who is likely to get them, and contains updated pharmacological and therapeutic information related to those conditions. Contains photographs and audio and video material not present in the print versions.
  • Physical Activity Resources for Health Professionals
  • Provides key reference documents, data and surveillance resources, information to assist you with program planning and evaluation, planning guidelines for physical activity, Healthy People 2020 prevention agendas, and ideas for physical activity promotion.
  • University of Washington Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Videos
  • The University of Washington Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is actively involved in quality patient care, teaching, and research concerning bone and joint problems. Special areas of expertise include foot and ankle, hand and microvascular, hip and knee, arthritis, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, shoulder and elbow, spine, trauma, and tumors.
  • 3-D Library of Selected Musculature
  • From the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, view complex multi-directional examples of musculature, bones, and joints relevant to athletic trainers.
  • Healthy Children: Sports
  • From the American Academy of Pediatrics, a series of guides for parents and laypersons, including what to do if your child has a concussion, injury prevention techniques and safety tips for various sports, and helping if your child wants to quit a sport.
  • Athletes and the Arts
  • A rather unique and innovative way to look at athletic training and injury prevention -- through the creative arts process. Includes tips sheets and video resources.
  • Atlas of the Body
  • Provided by the American Medical Association.