End of the Year

As the year draws to a close, there are important things that you need to be aware of: CLOSING OF THE RESIDENCE HALLS If your student lives on campus, the day for moving out of the residence halls i... read more >

Parent Survey

Before you think about the end-of-year festivities, though, would you take a minute and tell us your opinions? Steve Wilke, vice president of planning at Southwestern College, would like your opinion ... read more >

Winterize Your Student

As it shifts into the dark winter months, it is important that your students take care of themselves. This time of year, it is important to get plenty of rest, eat right, and get plenty of exercise. S... read more >

Fall Grades and Spring Classes

Check your student’s grades for fall semester classes. In addition, make sure that they are registered for spring semester classes. If not, they will need to make an appointment with his/her adv... read more >

Personalized Web-based Information Resource

Self-Service is an excellent resource for students. This allows your student access to academic and financial aid information. It is a web-based service to view class schedules, grades, and unofficial... read more >

Financial Aid

The college works diligently to make sure that parents have access to all the resources that they need in order to work with the college to make his/her student successful. Part of this initiative is ... read more >

Prospective Students

Friends and family members of SC are the best referrals we have for prospective students. As you interact with parents of college-bound children, I hope you encourage them to check out Southwestern Co... read more >

Spring Semester Calendar

Your student has many opportunities to get involved on campus during the spring semester. The campus life aspect of Southwestern has a wealth of opportunities including academic lectures, athletic eve... read more >

First College Semester Stress Points

Are you wondering where the stress points are during rest of the first semester? Here’s a handy list. First College Semester“The ebb and flow” October Homecoming Saturday, Oct. ... read more >

It’s the People and the Connections: A Parent’s Perspective on the College Search

Another tall coffee and an early start to a long road trip.  It seemed almost “academic” to be visiting other schools.  Certainly Daniel realized he was destined to be a Builder.... read more >