First College Semester Stress Points

Are you wondering where the stress points are during rest of the first semester? Here’s a handy list.

First College Semester
“The ebb and flow”


  • Homecoming Saturday, Oct. 12
  • Midterms are due Oct. 11
  • Fall Break Oct. 21 and 22
  • This is stressful for students!  Midterms are the same week as Homecoming, which means papers, tests, etc., at the same time they’re working on floats and other entries.
  • Roommates may start to stress your student out!
  • Please be patient and encourage your student to hang in there and work through issues and stress.
  • Ask them about their lifestyles: Are they taking care of themselves?  Eating and sleeping properly?  How is their time management?
  • Encourage communication with roommates, professors, and coaches.


  • Fall sports are starting to wind down.
  • Winter sports are now in full motion.
  • Your student may have more/less time to study.
  • Thanksgiving Break begins after classes Nov. 26 and continues until classes resume Dec. 2. 


  • Prepare for finals, Dec. 9-12!


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Build an education.

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