How can a parent get involved on campus?

Although it is essential to support your student from a distance, we also want you to get involved on campus yourself.  Southwestern College knows that parents are an important part of our campus community.  We welcome and encourage you to be an active participant in the life of the college.    Check out the SC website.  It is filled with all kinds of things to do and events to participate in.  

Discuss with your student a good time for a visit during the weekend or even during the week.  The college has plenty of activities in which you can participate.  Just go to the activities and events section of the website.  Also stay posted for the Family Day which is planned for Homecoming weekend (October 3 to October 5).  Along with alums and friends of the college, Homecoming weekend is a time for you to come to the campus in the fall.  But don’t wait for a special occasion, we welcome you to campus ANY TIME.

Other involvement options include:     

  • volunteer to speak on campus about your culture or faith,
  • provide a placement for student internships,
  • participate in our family programs for international students,
  • support athletic teams or co-curricular activities,
  • attend a concert or play

However you choose to engage in the campus, please know that we are always happy to see you.

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Build an education.

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