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The National Science Foundation makes possible a number of opportunities for undergraduates to join research projects each summer. This allows students to experience first-hand how basic research is carried out, and to contribute consequentially. The principal support by NSF of such activities is through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. REU "Sites" are established in all fields of science, mathematics, and engineering. Each Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates, who work in the research programs of the host institution. Students are in general accepted from throughout the country. Each student is assigned to a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. In addition, seminars, lunch meetings, and social functions are organized to facilitate interaction between the undergraduates. Students are granted stipends, and in some cases assistance with housing and travel. Students who are in those groups traditionally under-represented in science (women, members of under-represented minorities, and those with disabilities) are particularly urged to apply. Students with special personal needs or requirements, or who can attend a Site only under special conditions, are also encouraged to apply, and to discuss this with Site Directors in advance of the application dates.

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Research Experience for Undergraduates
List of all the REU Sites, arranged by NSF program area, and of some other activities supported by NSF that have similar summer programs. 

REU Sites in Physics
List of all the REU sites in physics.

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REU Students in the Physics Department

2006 - Alex Stong - Duke University

2006 - Rachel Pollock - University of Oregon

2004 - Shalah Allison - Texas A&M University

2004 - Natalie Terry - Lehigh University

2004 - Evan Pollock - Montana State University

2003 - Angela Pooler - University of Minnesota

2002 - Nathanael Wheatley - Pittsburg State University

2001 - Kristin Kraemer - Iowa State University

2000 - Kristin Kraemer - University of Nebraska

2000 - Greg Bomhoff - University of Oregon

1999 - Greg Bomhoff - University of Kansas

1998 - Jason Speegle - Oregon State University

1997 - Jennifer Crispin - Michigan State University

1995 - David Glantz - University of Notre Dame

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