Science Connect

What is Science Connect?
In the fall of 2005 the Science Advisory Council started a mentoring program called Science Connect. The primary goal of the program is to give incoming SC science students an opportunity to connect and interact with a Southwestern science alumnus. Correspondence will be by email, phone calls, and homecoming meetings. Students are matched by interest and gender.

The program gives SC students the opportunity to see ways in which a science degree is applied in the real world. It also provides an avenue to ask questions about a variety of career areas from persons working in that field. Contact may provide opportunities for internships and summer employment.

Who to Contact?
If you are interested in the program, contact Charles Hunter or Stephanie Kesler for more information.

Physics and Astronomy Graduates
Dr. Steven White (Physics)
Dr. Keith Hege (Astrophysics)
Dr. Eddie Weigle (Biomedical Engineering)