Improvement of Quality

Improvement of Quality Infrastructure

Performance evaluations
Building on successes achieved through a recently completed AQIP Action Project related to Valuing People, the college will work for the next three years to infuse a focus on quality improvement into the next round of performance evaluations for administrators and staff.  In the spring of 2008 supervisors will receive training in how to conduct a performance review that focuses on concrete improvement plans with measurable outcomes.  Each subsequent employee evaluation will identify at least one process, in which the employee is intimately involved, to be mapped and targeted for improved performance.  “Goals for improvement” will become part of each employee’s performance evaluation.  The college will set a goal of achieving 80% of its employees’ goals for improvement each year.  Leadership:  Sara Weinert, Sue Simmons, and Ben Lim.

Integrating Quality Principles and Practices into Strategic Planning
The college has a well-established planning process.  To strengthen this process, the college will work, over the next three years to achieve the following improvements in our planning process:

  1. Improve stakeholder involvement (especially that of faculty and staff, students, trustees, and donors)
  2. Integrate metrics and monitoring into the current process of evaluating the effectiveness of the college in achieving the stated goals of the strategic plan
  3. More closely link budget-building processes to the planning process, highlighting the allocation of resources for strategic continuous improvement goals.

Leadership:  Steve Wilke, Tami Pullins, Margaret Robinson, Andy Sheppard, and Ben Lim.

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Build an education.

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