Improvement Priorities

Category Improvement Priorities and Leaders

Category Improvement
Southwestern College has selected Category 1, Helping Students Learn, and Category 3, Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs, as two key AQIP Categories which we intend to work consciously to improve over the next three years. 

Regarding Category 1, the college will continue work, begun more than three years ago, designed to improve our assessment of student learning.   We plan to effectively integrate main campus and Professional Studies assessments, clearly expressing standards that are consistent across the institution.   We plan to use assessment data to evaluate student learning and to strengthen the college’s academic programs.  This focus will address deficiencies in the college’s  responses to Systems Portfolio questions 1P2b, 1P6b, 1P11, 1P12, and 1P13.  Leaders:  Karen Pedersen, Candyce Duggan, Jeni McRay, Andy Sheppard.

Regarding Category 3, the college will design, deploy, and evaluate a multi-faceted program for:

  1. Collection of input from students about their issues and concerns (involving electronic media, print media, focus groups, the Student Satisfaction Inventory, and other means)
  2. Processing of complaints and concerns
  3. Changing policies and practices in response to students’ expressed needs.

Our data gathering on this topic has been reasonably effective, but evaluation and resulting policy change have been weak and poorly documented.   This plan will improve our performance related to Systems Portfolio questions 3P6, 3P7, 3R4, and related questions.  Leaders:  Paul Bean, Dawn Pleas-Bailey, Dan Falk, Chair of Faculty Admission and Retention Committee.

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