Portfolio Assignments

Systems Portfolio Response Assignments

Category One:  Helping Students Learn
Andy Sheppard, Karen Pedersen, Tami Pullins, Gail Cullen

Category Two:  Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives
Steve Wilke, Sara Weinert, Mike Farrell

Category Three:  Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs
Dawn Pleas-Bailey, Karen Pedersen, Dan Falk, Tami Pullins, PS staff

Category Four:  Valuing People
Sheila Krug, Lonnie Boyd

Category Five:  Leading and Communicating
Dick Merriman

Category Six:  Supporting Institutional Operations
Ben Lim

Category Seven:  Measuring Effectiveness
Margaret Robinson

Category Eight:  Planning Continuous Improvement
Steve Wilke

Category Nine:  Building Collaborative Relationships
Dick Merriman

SC Improving Quality