Admissions Requirements

Students who have completed high school and who have accumulated more than six college credits since then are classified as transfer students.

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher is required for transfer students.  This grade point average will be calculated on core courses or courses that are equivalent to Southwestern College courses (exclusive of activity credits).  SC does not accept transfer credit for varsity athletics or for remedial-level coursework.

If the student is transferring with fewer than 24 hours of credit, a transcript from an accredited high school showing graduation or a GED with a score above the 50th percentile will be required.

Transfer hours with a grade below “C” will not be counted toward major or general education requirements.  However, for purposes of grade point average calculation, transfer grades which are given a “+” or “-“will be calculated as simply the letter grade. 

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Build an education.

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