Welcome to 1st CLASS!

Need a quiet place to study away from your roommate or the TV?  Longing for a comfy couch instead of that uncomfortable dorm room desk chair?  1st CLASS may be the perfect place for you to get some quality studying done!  We offer comfortable seating, plenty of bright but cozy lighting, and space to spread out and do things like group projects.  1st CLASS is at the north end of the lower level of Christy Administration Building.

Looking for a little help with your homework?

Great atmosphere isn't all the 1st CLASS has to offer! If you're looking for a tutor, this is the right place to come. We have math and writing tutors working every day during the week and if you're looking for a tutor in another subject, we can help you find one.  1st CLASS is staffed by intelligent and motivated students whose mission is to help develop and enhance the writing and math skills of SC undergraduates.

Who can use the Tutors at 1st CLASS?

All students, regardless of their major. International students can receive help understanding and mastering standard English grammar.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is preferred, but not always required. If you have an appointment you are gauranteed a meeting with a tutor, while if you walk in you may be fit in where our schedule allows.  For a 30 minute session with a tutor, contact 1st CLASS:

Phone: 620-229-6370 (or extension 6370 from a campus phone)


When is 1st CLASS open?

The hours for 1st CLASS are:

Sunday 4:00-10:00pm
Monday-Wednesday: 8:00am-2:00pm/6:00-10:00pm

Thursday: 7:00am-1:00pm/6:00-10:00pm
Friday: 7:00am-1:00pm

Tutors in any other subject you need help with are available on request.  If you need one, just ask! 

What is the Tutoring Philosophy of 1st CLASS Writing Tutors?

The 1st CLASS writing tutor program is designed to help all SC students improve their writing skills through a broad range of tutorial services, from computer tutorials to online handouts. Tutors are available to help students brainstorm for topic ideas, develop a thesis, and organize and revise an essay.

Through joint inquiry, student and tutor work together to improve the student's writing skills. Along with specific advice, tutors will challenge students with questions that help them recognize their own writing difficulties. The ultimate goal, however, is to help students take charge of their writing experience and work independently.

What Services are and are NOT provided by 1st CLASS Writing Tutors?
  • Tutors can help students brainstorm for topic ideas.
  • Tutors help students plan, outline, draft, revise, and edit their writing assignments.
  • Tutors will help students develop proper note-taking skills, discuss formatting issues, and discover appropriate indexes.
  • Working with tutors will not guarantee good grades.
  • Tutors will not provide a quick fix.
  • Tutors will not fix students' grammar and spelling for them; however, they can show the student how to fix their own mistakes.
  • Online assistance can be provided through E-mail.
What materials should I bring?

Bring a completed paper or a pile of notes, and a tutor will help you from whatever writing stage you're in. Please bring a copy of your professor's syllabus or assignment sheet for reference or any other aids that might be useful.

Build an education.

Build an education.

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