Career Assessments

The Career Services Office provides career assessment for students who would like to obtain more information about themselves and work environments.

A great way to learn about one's compatability with certain types of careers is to use our Career Beam site!

Career Beam and Southwestern College teamed up to provide a career development site that provides a personality assessment. To learn more go to Career Beam to register.

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We also use the Self Directed Search assessment (it's not a test) developed by Dr. Holland. The assessment is a paper and pencil assessment that can be taken home and completed.

The assessment is based on Dr.Holland's occupational-environmental typology. The theory uses a classification of persons to describe and explain individual differences and similiarities, and a classification of work environments to describes and explain differences and similiarities among positions and occupations.

What Can I Do with this Major?

Not sure what career path options are available for a given major? Just visit the link below and select a major to view various job possibilities:

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Build an education.

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