Career Timeline

Four Year Timeline and Plan for Traditional Undergraduate Students

Freshman Year: The foundation for career planning

  • Learn more about your talents and strengths!
  • Enroll in core classes with the help of your faculty advisor.
  • Explore and participate in campus activities and organizations.

Sophomore Year: Continue to Build on your strengths

  • Obtain information on different majors.
  • Build leadership skills through campus and professional organizations.
  • Start acquiring relevant volunteer and work experience.
  • Continue to develop your strengths.

Junior Year: Get Busy!

  • Ask career services and faculty about Internships!
  • Relevant Experience is key!
  • Start developing a resume! Don't forget you will need relevant skills and experience
  • Develop networks! Join professional organizations, talk with your faculty advisor, do informational interviews.

Senior Year: Making it all pay off

  • Continue your resume development- it is a process.
  • Continue your networking strategies- your network will land you an interview before any advertisement on the net or in a newspaper.
  • Begin your full time job search.
  • Market yourself and sell your strengths and talents. Remember it is the total package of talent, education, skill and experience that will land you in a career you love!
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