Information & Research Sites

It is always important to know and understand the current labor market.  How can this be done?  One great way is to go to the State of Kansas Workforce Resouces site at

The site offers insight into the fastest growing occupations and industry in Kansas.   Also, it has insight into what the trends will be for the state.  Use the information to see where employment may be easier to find and what types of careers will be in demand in the future.

Researching employers

Southwestern College has teamed up with Career Beam to provide information and career development tools for students.  Go to Career Beam to research companies and career opportunities.

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It is very important to research potential employers.  The information that is obtained will help in deciding if the employer is a right fit.  Also, creating a cover letter, resume and succeeding in an interview increases the potential for success.

Build a life

Build a life

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