The major and minor fair was design to better encourage the learning environment that is Southwestern College by presenting a platform for students to engage with faculty representatives of the academic disciplines Southwestern College has to offer.  Students will take away a better understanding of what each department has to offer, and what their expected outcomes and goals for graduates.  This is a one-day event for anyone interested in learning more about Southwestern's academic major and minor's.


October 25th, 2013


Deets Library

How To Get Involved

The fair is designed to be a part of the Builder Seminar curriculum so the freshmen class can be face to face with representatives from every department on campus. Though the event has incorporated the seminar classes, the event is open to all students who are interested in exploring all opportunities in education path. 

Christine's Testimony for Majorpalooza from Student Foundation SC on Vimeo.



Research at the University of California Irvine shows that top 3 reason a freshmen students select a major:

  1. Sounds interesting
  2. Did well in the subject in high school
  3. It leads to a high paying job

Percentage of overall knowledge students have about their first major:

  • 15% Nothing
  • 69% Something
  • 16% A great deal


Build an education.

Build an education.

Academic excellence sets SC apart.

41 main campus and 16 professional studies undergraduate majors, 27 minors, teacher certification in 13 areas, and 6 graduate programs.