Resume and Cover Letters

Southwestern College has teamed up with Career Beam to create a site that can help students with career development questions. Check out Career Beam's resume' checklist, examples, and exercises.

Guidelines for resumes

  • Resumes should be concise and relevant.
  • Absolutely no grammar or spelling errors.
  • No high school information.
  • Focus on accomplishments- not tasks.
  • Quantify information- list # of people managed or amount of $ saved!
  • Each resume should be tailored to the specific job description.
  • No possesive pronouns such as I or me.
  • Do not list references on same sheet as the resume.
  • Again, relevance, relevance, relevance. Make sure the information is relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Guidelines for cover letters

  • Tailor the cover letter to the specific company and job in which you are applying.
  • Absolutely no grammar or spelling errors.
  • Research the company and address the letter to the person with the hiring responsibility.
  • Research the company so that the candidate's strengths (education/experience) can be matched with the company's needs, values, products and services.
  • Cover letter should be 3-4 paragraphs.
  • Always, Always, Always, send a cover letter with each resume and make sure the cover letter addresses specifically the job for which one is applying.

Download the resume and cover letter packet.

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