Tad Humphrey

Telecommunications Specialist
Email Address
(620) 229-6123

Major Functions:
Performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks related to planning, implementing and maintaining the campus’s telephone, audio/visual and multimedia equipment and internal wiring.

Essential Functions:

  • Coordinates activities to ensure a smooth flow of operations by setting priorities, establishing goals and assisting in the development and implementation of internal policies and procedures.
  • Attends and assists with regularly scheduled campus events requiring multimedia services.
  • Plans, coordinates and provides input towards the ongoing development of the college network infrastructure for delivery of data, voice and multimedia services.
  • Researches emerging technologies to streamline processes.
  • Monitors and reviews projects to ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met.
  • Consults with outside vendors on all issues related to telecommunications and related matters.
  • Serves as consultant to other departments on network infrastructure and telecommunication hardware and software issues.
Tad Humphrey