Disability Services

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations and services are provided on an individual basis for students with documented disabilities. Federal law requires students with disabilities to be allowed to use reasonable methods to meet educational requirements. Click here for a brochure on Disability Services.

Steps for Applying for Disability Services

  1. Request accommodation by contacting the Disability Services office.
  2. Provide proven medical documentation of a disability.
  3. Submit Application for Disability Services. This needs to be updated and submitted each semester.
  4. Submit a Disability Disclosure Form. This form authorizes the college to release information concerning the disability and accomodation.

Below are the links to documents that need to be completed by a psychologist or physician for use in making a request of services.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Disability Services Coordinator  620-229-6307.


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