Peer Editing

Who are the Writing Lab tutors?

SSC writing tutors are undergrads selected by the English Department faculty for their writing and communication abilities.  They are trained to assist writers in every stage of the writing process, but their primary mission is to teach students to work independently.

How is a typical session structured?
  • Introductions
  • The writing tutor and the student fill out the SSC sign-in sheet.
  • The writing tutor will review the professor's instructions on the assignment with the student.  The tutor will discuss the assignmetn with the student.
  • The writing tutor has the student read the assignment out loud, then discusses any questions they may have with the student.  Students may also question the tutor's comments and raise concerns at this time.  The tutor and student identify issues and discuss them.
  • The writing tutor helps the student prioritize issues that need to be addressed and then establish a manageable goal to work toward.
  • Before signing out, the student and the tutor will discuss future sessions (if needed).
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