Trait #6 - Conventions

5 Rating:

  • The writer demonstrates a solid grasp of standard writing conventions (e.g. grammar, capitalization, punctuation, usage, spelling, paragraphing) and uses them effectively to enhance readability.
  • Paragraphing tends to be sound and reinforces the organizational structure.
  • Grammar and usage are correct and contribute to clarity and style.
  • Punctuation is smooth and guides the reader through the text.
  • Spelling is correct, even on more difficult words.
  • Work needs only light editing.

3 Rating:

  • The writer shows reasonable control over a limited range of standard writing conventions.  The paper would require moderate editing prior to being a final work.  Errors are serious and distracting, but the writer also handles some conventions as well.
  • Spelling is usually correct on common words.
  • Terminal punctuation is almost always correct; internal punctuation (commas,apostrophes, semicolons) may be incorrect or missing.
  • Problems with grammar occur, but they do not distort meaning.
  • Paragraphing is attempted.  Paragraphs sometimes run together or begin in the wrong places.
  • The paper seems to reflect light, but not extensive or thorough editing.

1 Rating:

  • Errors in spelling, punctuation, usage, grammar, capitalization, and/or paragraphing repeatedly distract the reader and make the text difficult to read.  More than one of the following problems is likely to be evident:
  • The reader must read once to decode, then again for meaning.
  • Spelling errors are frequent, even on common words.
  • Punctuation (including terminal punctuation) is often missing or incorrect.
  • Paragraphing is missing, or so frequent that it does not relate to the organization of the text.
  • Errors in grammar and usage are very noticable, and may affect the meaning.
  • Extensive editing would be required to polish the text.


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