Vocal Ensembles

choirThe Choral and Voice departments at SC strive to have a place for students of all ability and experience levels to develop their vocal and musicianship skills.  The departments also strive to teach healthy vocal technique for the modern singer in both contemporary commercial music and bel canto styles.  Under the direction of Dr. Brian J. Winnie, SC currently offers three different ensembles to meet these needs.   


A Cappella Choir

Since 1927, Southwestern’s A Cappella Choir has been building a tradition of excellence in choral music.  A Cappella Choir gives students the opportunity to perform choral works of distinction from various periods and styles of music with the utmost standards of quality. Special attention is given to achieving a vibrant, beautiful, and adaptable choral tone that correlates to the repertoire being studied. Members are chosen each fall by audition, and take an annual tour in the spring semester.
SC Singers
SC Singers is a select chamber ensemble auditioned from within A Cappella Choir. Members selected for this ensemble will demonstrate an advanced understanding of vocal technique and musicianship skills necessary for performing a diverse repertoire of choral music from the renaissance to contemporary periods. Special attention will be paid to providing students with high caliber choral music from the traditional choral canon.
Musical Theatre Ensemble (MTens)
MTens, auditioned from within A Cappella Choir, offers students the opportunity to study and perform repertoire related to musical theatre and popular contemporary commercial music in an ensemble setting.  Members selected for this ensemble will demonstrate a basic knowledge of vocal technique and musicianship skills required for this repertoire. Special focus will be placed on group vocal technique and stage performance skills culminating in both on and off campus performances. 
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