Lael Porter

RPAC Facilities Manager
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B.A., Southwestern College

Lael has a BA in Theater Arts from Southwestern College.  He's also 
been part of the academic theatre programs at the Ohio State 
University and at North Dakota State University. Lael has worked 
internationally as a sound technician, domestically as an apprentice 
carpenter/electrician with the IATSE, the stagehands union, and as an 
installer for a company that installs discothèque lighting and sound 
equipment.   Lael has been working as a print and web designer since 
1995 for the Winfield Daily Courier.

He has a small side-line consulting for local Mac owners. He stepped 
out on his own as a graphic designer in November '07.

He is a know-it-all and will be happy to explain-it-all for you.

Lael  Porter