How do I apply?

Ready to get out of the classroom and build something exciting? The Green Team is focused on doing things that will benefit the environment and those around us. We need your help to make Southwestern College an eco-friendly community. Come join us and we can make a difference!

How to Become a Green Team Student at Southwestern College

Completing the following steps should help you answer all of your questions about attending SC:

  1. Complete the Southwestern Application Process
  2. Complete the Green Team Application
  3. Fill Out the Financial Assistance Worksheet
  4. Visit Us On Campus - Email to schedule your visit.

5 Reasons to Join:

  1. You are passionate about making a difference in the environment
  2. You enjoy working on cool projects and learning about new technologies
  3. You like to save money
  4. You want a chance to develop leadership skills
  5. You want to be part of an exciting team of students (no conditioning required!)

Application Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA minimum
  • Attitude of service
  • Desire to learn about the environment and make a difference
Build a life

Build a life

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