SC Graduation Regalia Is Environmentally Friendly

Southwestern College Commencement was Sunday, May 9, and SC teamed up with Jostens to use environmentally friendly graduation regalia.

“Our Jostens representative informed us that Southwestern College would be one of the first colleges to use the elements gown exclusively,” say Jason VenJohn, Moundbuilder Market merchandise manager.

This gown carries a strong environmental story while preserving the elegance and tradition of graduation. The acetate fabric fiber is made from natural wood sourced exclusively from renewable managed forests. Acetate fabric is proved to decompose in soil within a year.

The gown contains an Eco-Zip coil zipper with tape and teeth made from 100% recycled PET. Earth-friendly plastic gown packaging is proven to decompose in a landfill within a reasonably short period of time. It contains ECM BioFilms material that facilitates the decomposition process.

In addition, Jostens donates $1 to an environmental sustainability project for every gown purchased.

SC Graduation

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