Device to Measure Electricity Usage Installed at Southwestern College

In an effort to more efficiently measure how much electricity is being used in each building on the Southwestern College campus, SC has teamed up with SmartSynch and is installing a smart metering system throughout the campus.

According to Jason Speegle, Green Team Director at Southwestern College, the SmartSynch energy meters will capture electricity usage from every building on the campus every 15 minutes and download wirelessly so that it can be viewed and monitored via the internet. 

“It is important for us to know where we’re using the most electricity,” Speegle says.  “We desire to cut down on our electricity usage in order to be more fiscally and environmentally responsible. This new system will help us focus on where we can become more efficient in how we measure our electrical consumption.”

Currently, multiple buildings are metered together making it impossible to distinguish energy usage of one building versus another.  With the SmartMeters providing a visual reading of the energy usage, the college can identify problem areas or procedures that need to be improved and, according to Speegle, determine ways to impact the students’ energy use habits in order to lessen our environmental impact.

The SmartMeter system is also a tool that the city of Winfield may look into.

“I think the SmartMeter system is leading edge technology as far as metering goes,” says James Ging, assistant director of water and electric department for the city of Winfield.  “The new generation in our industry is pointing towards smart grid technology.  It gives a lot of information.  I think the city and the college can work together.  We could use their input and if things that help the college could help us that would be great.”

The SmartMeter system automatically monitors data collection schedules and meter alarms. In fact, these particular SmartMeters can be set to return near real-time electricity usage data as frequently as every 15 minutes. In addition, SmartSynch devices use deliver the stored data securely via public wireless networks.
SmartSynch is a Smart Grid Technology Company, which means it lets utilities communicate with any device on the electrical grid. The company promotes two-way delivery of real-time energy usage data over public wireless networks (AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile, etc.). Founded in 1998, SmartSynch has installed SmartMeter systems for over 100 major North American electric providers and is the largest commercial and industrial smart metering provider in North America.

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