Marcelo MannAmbassador Profile Marcelo Mann

Which professor has been your favorite?

My favorite professor at Southwestern has been Nathan Clements. His enthusiasm and dedication in and outside of the classroom is exceptional.

You know you’re at SC when…

there is a black cat wandering around campus. The Jinx is on!

Marcelo Mann - Playing TennisWhy did you choose SC?

I choose SC because I wanted to study at a small college in the United States. Besides that, there was a great atmosphere in the Tennis Team and a lot of other international students that shared the same passion. Looking back, it was a great decision to come here. 

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

Some of my high school friends would be surprised how much I have become an American by now. Spending more than two years in the United States showed me, that the US is more than just its stereotypes.

Marcelo Mann - Holding Tennis Championship BannerWhat are you interest and hobbies?

I am involved in several organizations on campus. Most of the time, I am either on the tennis courts or at the gym. Besides that, I work as a Student Ambassador and give tours to new prospective students. Additionally, I work in the library and string tennis rackets.

What surprised you about SC?

One of the most surprising facts about SC is the familiarity all across campus. Everyone is supporting each other, building each other up and helping wherever they can. Whatever problem you have, the builder family is there to help you. 

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