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Ambassador Profile: LaRide Connerly

Which professors have been your favorites? Why?

Here at Southwestern I have a lot of people that are my favorites they have mentored me and helped me become the man I’ve transformed into in the last 3 years these great people have got me through the good the bad and the ugly. They’ve showed me love and taught me a lot. Whether it’s about education, sports, or about life they have been there. I’d like to give a shout out to Dawn Pleas, Anjaih Clemons, Tammy McEwen, Ed Loeb, Korie Hawkins, Justin Williams, Victor Reed and Adam Kirby. If you decide that Southwestern is your new home you should connect with Dawn the lady is simply amazing. She is a diamond in the rough I don’t know how Southwestern did it but they found a great one in Dr. Dawn Pleas and kept her around for 17+ years.

“You know you’re at SC when…”

You know you’re at SC when you experience your first Game Winner in hot Stewart Field house cheering and wanting to leave because it’s super-hot but you won’t because your supporting your fellow Builders that were playing tight game and we rally to beat the top team in the conference (Tabor) and Jordyn Miller hits the game winner and you’re in her face before anyone screaming with excitement but then shortly realize you almost cost them the game for storming the court so fast. It was a great experience and this a completely true story you can ask the coach and players how it went down.  It was crazy but that’s when I realized I was truly at SC.

Why did you choose SC?

I chose Southwestern because it fit me best for my education expectations and standards and the bonus of being able to play football. Also when I came on my visit I felt at home as soon as I stepped foot on campus. I could feel that everyone was a family here. But the biggest reason is because of the Mound. The Mound really sold me on SC because of the fact that you can only do so much by yourself, but with the help and support of family and friends and everyone together you can conquer anything. I hope when you visit you feel at home like I did.

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

Honestly, they would be surprised on how much I’ve grown over the years from being at Southwestern. I’ve become a more of self-driven person then I was in high school. I’m more about taking care of business first having fun second, in high school I had it backwards. Also its will surprise a lot of them that I’ll be graduating in 2017 and pursuing my Masters.

What are your interests and hobbies?

My biggest interest that shocks everyone is that I’m in love with Broadway Musicals. My favorite musical is R.E.N.T.  Some of hobbies are speaking, just laying down in the bed listening to old school music, playing cards, watching movies, playing football.

What surprised you about SC?

What surprised me about SC was how fast everyone becomes a family within the first week of school. Whether they played football or basketball, any other sport or not even a sport and how as  Builder family everyone supported each other. At my Junior College it was every man for himself so I’m happy it’s not the same at SC.

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