Melissa Connell

Ambassador Profile: Melissa Connell

Which professors have been your favorites? Why?

My favorite professors are Dr. Jacob Goodson, Dr. Jackson Lashier, and Professor Jeremy Kirk. They all show personal interest in their students and make time to help if needed. They are smart and friendly and always put their students best interests at hand.

You know you’re at SC when…

You walk around campus and feel like you belong there. Even when your classes aren't going well, or your having a hard time with something in your life there are always friends, staff, or faculty looking out for you and making sure that you're doing alright. You feel like you're around a second family.

Why did you choose SC?

I chose SC because I knew I wanted to major in Religion/Philosophy and be in a community that was able to cultivate my faith. I also enjoyed that it was a small campus with a small major because I was used to my teachers taking interest in students personally which is what we have here at Southwestern. My professors were excited about what I thought I could do at Southwestern before I even got here and that's how I knew it was a place that I could thrive.

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

My high school friends would be surprised about how I have grown in my self-confidence. I never wanted to accept leadership in high school because I didn't think I had the right personality for it, but I have definitely stepped into it. I'm still the same person I was but SC has cultivated my leadership skills and my ability to branch out.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy music, writing, playing, and listening to it. I've gotten involved in the theater department because of some of the friends I've made which has been a really cool experience. I play ultimate frisbee with the Ultimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) when I can, and I really like just driving or walking around town with my friends.

What surprised you about SC?

I was surprised by how many really cool opportunities come out of Southwestern. I know that sounds bad, but at a small school I didn't realize how many connections the professors here have. I enjoy seeing how successful alumni are becoming in their first or second year out of their undergrad and it makes me really excited for what's coming up for me in the future.

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