Tony Mendoza

Ambassador Profile: Tony Mendoza

Which professor has been your favorite?

I would say the professors in my major, philosophy and religion, and Professor Pat Ross. Dr. Lashier and Dr. Goodson are great because they really break down the class in ways that makes it easier to comprehend (philosophy and religion) is not easy. They are very knowledgeable in their field, and provide resources for us to use. Dr. Ross is also someone who loves his job and does so well and it shows even though I’ve only taken a natural science class and will probably the only one I take. All these professors are always willing to help and have their office hours specifically for us to get help or clarification. 

You know you’re at SC when…

You know you’re a student here when you recognize a new face, a visitor, or if you have been here you recognize the new students easily. I love the small school feel because you may not know everyone but recognize a SC student anywhere on and off campus.

Why did you choose SC?

I choose SC because I’ve heard of this college growing up and have met several alumni that have said nothing but good things. The alumni who I know best where Molly and Kyle Just (Molly now works at the college as director of Discipleship) and they have told me about the college and now I am here. It was a great decision because here I have been able to get out of my comfort zone in many areas and have been challenged in ways I haven’t before.

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

I think they would be surprise at everything that I have changed and am doing at my school. Now I challenge myself in ways I wouldn’t have before, like hobbies, thinking, and way of life. I think they would see a complete different person that has grown so much and grown up since high school.

What are you interest and hobbies?

When I’m not involve in various organization here at SC (really easy to get involved in anything here) I love music and listening to new music, all genres but a lot of indie/folk. Apart from listening to great music I also play guitar and write. I also do strength training with weight.

What surprised you about SC?

I would say the strong community feel that we have. We are heavily involved in the SC community within organizations and the Winfield community that shows a lot of support. I was expecting that here at SC and I really do love that we are a family and support each other.


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