Marissa Evans

Ambassador Profile: Marissa Evans

Which professors have been my favorite? Why?

Martha Fitzwater and Allyson Moon have probably been my favorite here at SC. I took Martha’s class this semester for painting 101, and completely fell in love. As well as with Allyson, I took her class for improvisational acting. Both of those classes have been my favorite simply because I know that if I have been experiencing a hectic and crazy week, those classes are always there for me to relax and unwind, sort of like checking out of reality which is always good once and a while.

You know you’re at SC when…

You know that you’re here at SC when you walk into the cafeteria and see Ms. Kathy smiling at you saying, “Hiya sweetie!” and whatever sandwich you typically get, this is because you’ve been up to the sandwich bar so many times that she just remembers your order.

Why did you choose SC?

I originally came to SC for a basketball scholarship. But the moment I stepped on the campus for a tour, it felt like home. Learning about the traditions like; the Moundbuilding Ceremony, Keeping the Spirit, the Jinx, etc. had reminded me of my high school simply because the school had traditions that the students and teachers were a part of. So just seeing that SC has its own things that are valued as well was a deal breaker.

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

I think I would surprise my friends on the things that I am involved in. From putting together the events for homecoming, to performing in an improv show. Everything that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of is something I never would have seen for myself.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I love singing 2000’s throwback R&B songs, coloring in coloring books, getting to know people, and taking lots of naps.

What surprised you about SC?

How close knit of a family everyone is. Although everyone is involved with their different sports teams and organizations, everyone here genuinely cares for one another, because at the end of the day we are truly one big family.


Build an education.

Build an education.

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