Campus Players Centennial

Campus Players Centennial ArtIn recognition of the 100th anniversary of Campus Players at Southwestern College, we are raising funds to usher our alma mater’s theatre program into a new decade.


Our goal is $100,000. Funding will provide a variety of enhancements to Richardson Performing Arts Center and supporting theatre spaces.

Contributions will continue the work we began in celebration of our 90th anniversary, when we helped define RPAC as one of the finest performance halls in our region. Funding will allow for improvements and updates to be made to lighting, sound, video/streaming, and projection systems. Additionally, dressing rooms will receive a renovation. These projects simultaneously honor the work completed a decade ago, expanding the technical capacity and learning opportunities offered to our students.

The Department Chair and Dean of the College will determine the priority of the projects. If you are interested in supporting a specific project, please contact Pat Wagner, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at

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George Jason JohnstonTo be part of any organization that has survived 100 years is both remarkable and a source of pride. This year I was fortunate to be inducted into the SC Fine Arts Hall of Fame on that very same Centennial Mark, as well as the half century mark of my graduation.  I hope that all of you will reflect on the time that you shared on and off stage with the Campus Player family and remember that there were those who came before who supported the college and theatre.

There will never come another anniversary quite like this one, but each and every year there are new Campus Players who need the facilities for not only making good LIVE theatre, but to prepare them for the many related fields both on and off stage that our disciple requires. While planning for our Centennial reunion, we have developed  a list of things needed in the 21st century to help those who are here now and in the future make their way in the world. There are so many things that would make the Richardson Performing Arts Center and the Callison Stage a place where dreams do come true…and you can help.  

Won’t you please stop and think about supporting the future of Theatre, Campus Players and all the students who use that space regardless of their course of study.

Mr. G. Jason Johnston ’69

Help support the future of theatre at Southwestern College!

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Build an education.

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