Most of our students qualify for a variety of loans, financial aid, scholarships, or grants. Take a look at our payment options to discover what’s possible.

Affordable Education

Ok, you think Southwestern might be the school for you. Can you afford it? Let’s take a look.

Everyone knows that a private higher education costs more, right? But does it really? Southwestern goes the extra mile to find a way for you to afford a top-notch private education.

Consider the following:

Our students get more aid. Southwestern College students receive an average of $7,896 in institutional grants (not loans). That compares to $4,048 at KU, $2,100 at K-State, $3,392 at OU, and $3,221 at Oklahoma State.

100% of our students get institutional grants. At Southwestern, it’s not an “if” question.

Our scholarship awards have increased. Many schools have slashed their budgets for scholarships and grants. We haven’t.

We don’t bleed you with add-on fees and expensive housing. Southwestern’s charges for fees, room, and board are lower than what you’d pay at most state schools in our region.

You’ll save a fortune by graduating in four years.

It’s no secret that it is hard to graduate from state universities in four years. All it takes is a change of plan about your intended major, some poor advice about course selection, a little drift because no one is helping you define and pursue your goals, and suddenly you’re in year five or six at college. Those extra years may be fun, but they’re not free. Getting done in four years, combined with the extra financial aid SC gives you, means you won’t have more debt than the average state university grad. Plus, you’ll be earning a college graduate’s salary while others are still paying to complete a college degree.

So is it really more expensive to get a great education at Southwestern?

• (Source: U.S. National Center for Education Statistics)

Payment Options

Southwestern College offers three payment plans for the student’s convenience. You can choose your plan prior to enrollment.

Monthly Plan

Monthly payments are made in equal installments by the first of each month. The first payment is due at registration and payments are due each month after that.

Semester Plan

One full payment for the semester may be made at the beginning of each term. The first payment is due at registration for the fall in August and the second payment for the spring semester is due in January.

Parent PLUS Loan

This cost-effective option allows you to make smaller monthly payments through the Federal Direct Loan program.

Build an education.

Build an education.

Academic excellence sets SC apart.

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