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COVID-19 Updates

  • Remote learning began March 23
  • Residence Halls and Campus Dining Services remain open to students, faculty, and staff -- with increased expectations for cleaning/disinfecting, social distancing, and quarantine. All students living on campus are required to complete a health reporting form
  • One case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Cowley County, 56 tests have been administered in Cowley.
  • Offices remain open and are accessible by phone and email
Updated 4/01/2020


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Uploaded 3/23/2020


Refunds for unused room and board fees

Posted 03/31/2020

Southwestern College will take the following actions to refund unused housing and meal fees for the 2020 Spring Semester due to COVID-19:

  • Southwestern College will issue credits on student accounts for unused room and board fees.
  • Those credits will be calculated on a pro-rated basis – beginning from Monday, March 16 for those students who did not return to campus, and adjusted accordingly for those students who are residing on campus for part or all of the 8-week period following Spring Break.
  • The credits will be posted to student accounts at the end of the academic year and will be applied first to any outstanding balance on a student’s account.
  • Because faculty instruction is continuing on a remote basis and students are in the process of receiving credit hours toward completion of their academic program, no financial credit will be provided for tuition and other fees.
  • Graduating students, who have a credit on their account by the end of this academic semester, will receive a refund for that credit amount by the end of May.
  • For Returning students, any credit balance at the end of this academic semester will be applied toward charges for next academic year. Returning students, who would like a direct refund of the credit balance, please complete the direct refund request form. Direct refunds for returning students will be processed as soon as possible after the academic year ends and after credit balance refunds have been processed for graduating students.
  • For students living on campus throughout this semester, nothing changes with your billing or account. Residence halls remain open and campus dining services will continue to operate. Please see emails from student affairs staff regarding access to student services and residence life requirements in response to COVID-19.
  • For students who plan to complete the semester away from campus but have not yet checked out, there is no rush to collect your belongings right now. Residence Life staff will be in contact with you to schedule a residence hall check-out and time to gather your belongings once travel is safe. That check-out date will come sometime before May 8 when this academic term ends. In the interim if there is something you need from your room or if you have any other needs relative to your room on campus, email your resident director.

A Message for Seniors and Graduating Students Regarding Commencement:

Posted 03/20/2020

Dear Builders,

I am so sorry that this semester, your last semester, has been so incredibly disrupted. Concerts, trips, competitions, presentations, performances, and an untold number of fun times with your friends have been postponed or canceled. These are unsettled times with little certainty to be found.

As Trish and I have one son graduating from college and another graduating high school this May, we know full well the heartache this situation is causing. There are so many answers we seek about the future, answers that are difficult to find, as our situation continues to unfold and change. 

While I wish I could give you all the answers you want, there is one promise I can make to you – you will have a commencement. The date and format and logistics may have to change, but there will be a day that I proudly hand each one of you your well-earned diploma.

We continue to keep May 10 on the calendar for our commencement exercises. We will make a decision by early April as to whether or not we have to modify either the date, or the event.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers -- 

Brad Andrews

Email sent March 16, 2020 at 6:30pm CST
Subject: Update from President Andrews | March 16
To: Main Campus Students, Main Campus Employees, and Remote Employees
From: Brad Andrews, President

Dear Southwestern College Faculty, Staff and Students,

These are extraordinary times, to be sure. As we navigate these waters at Southwestern College, we continue to seek and follow the guidance and advice of our local health authorities, and the counsel of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Centers for Disease Control.

With the benefit of that counsel and following their guidance, we remain fully committed to providing the very best educational experience that we can in the face of these unprecedented disruptions to our lives and work.

I met with faculty earlier this morning and the coaching staff after that. The administrative response team has been meeting daily since early last week, including through the weekend. We have regular meetings with local health authorities, city and county government managers, medical care providers and emergency responders as well. We are staying connected through this rapidly evolving health crisis.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been an update to our academic instruction timeline:

  • In-person academic gatherings (classes, tutoring, advisee meetings) are suspended until further notice
  • All courses will resume via remote learning next Monday, March 23

The faculty are using this time in order to transition your coursework to a remote format. You will be hearing from your instructors with additional information and should plan on resuming all of your coursework next Monday.

There will surely be additional updates and adjustments as we move forward in the coming days and weeks.

At Southwestern College:

We will finish the academic year. You have courses to finish, credit to attain, and degrees to complete. We will get it done, we will celebrate those of you who earn your degree, we will rest up over the summer, and we will gather in August to build our Mound and begin another academic year together. 

Faculty are working together right now to transition all coursework to a remote framework. Students should monitor their college provided email account for communication from your faculty and instructors in the coming days. As is always the case, students have a responsibility in their learning and in communicating needs with instructors.

Meanwhile, we will continue to closely monitor this unprecedented situation and remain in communication with our local public health authorities. Should we be able to resume safely offering in-person academic gatherings and work with those on campus, we will do so immediately. Should we be able to safely transition back to in-class delivery of all courses, we will look to do that as well.

Our residence halls remain open for those that need them. We recognize that, for many students, this is the safest place to be. They will continue to be welcome here and we will continue to care for them. For those students who want or need to be at home, we support that decision and are working to deliver all education and services to you remotely. For those students who are feeling conflicted, or are unsure, we advise and encourage you to stay home. You will be welcomed back on-campus at any point throughout the semester if circumstances change or your decision to remain home changes.

Offices and services remain open and operating for students – for those on campus and those who are learning remotely. Dining services, our Campus Food Pantry, maintenance, and other campus-specific services are in place. All offices remain open and accessible for students whether in-person, via phone call, or by email.

Event, activity, and travel restrictions are in place. All college events are canceled for the next two weeks. All gatherings, even informal ones, are limited to no more than 25 people. All spring athletic activities have been canceled by the NAIA. All student, faculty and staff travel out-of-state for college-related business or events has been indefinitely restricted.

We are strongly promoting self-care as a protection for both individuals and community. Please practice appropriate social distancing (maintain six-feet of distance, cover your cough/sneeze with your elbow, etc.). Please wash your hands frequently. Please be vigilant in self-monitoring for signs of symptoms of the virus – fever, cough, and tightness in the chest/respiratory distress. At the first sign of symptoms, self-isolate and contact your healthcare provider or the office of student affairs.

We are implementing heightened public health monitoring measures. Public Health officials have asked us to gather and maintain basic information from students, faculty, and staff in order to be prepared to quickly respond to further public health developments. Name, contact information, recent travel history, and exhibition of any virus related symptoms are asked for on the health reporting form.

We are reminding ourselves and others that community is more important than ever. To close, I would like to remind you to check-in on each other. Social-distancing, quarantine, and social-isolation are critical tactics in the prevention of spreading COVID-19, and we are responsible to each other to take appropriate precautions. However, we must stay connected in the ways that we can. Call, FaceTime, text, email, look for other creative ways to connect with your friends and express care. Let’s take care of each other, even at this time that calls on us to physically isolate ourselves as much as possible.

Please find more detailed information, updates, information about event cancellation, etc. on

Join me in continuing to pray for our college and our Builder Family. This is a difficult time, and we will get through it together.


Brad Andrews,


Last revised March 30 at 4:00 p.m. CST


All students:

  • Classwork will continue remotely, as it began on Monday, March 23. Continue to monitor your SC email and work with your faculty. As President Andrews has said, “let’s finish what we started this semester.”  If you need help completing your coursework remotely, please reach out to the office of student success.
  • Though many of the physical locations on campus will likely be closed, offices and student services are still accessible via, call and email. Zoom meetings may also be arranged with staff. Please utilize the office directory to find the appropriate contacts. If you need help connecting with an office or student service, email the office of student success for support.
  • We are all missing campus life and the ability to be together here at our home on the hill, however, you can still connect with your Builder Family. I would encourage you to join a Campus Connect Grouporganized by Rev. Molly Just.

For students who are on campus:

  • Food/Dining on campus: You should continue to visit the dining hall for food service. However, please be aware that there will be some changes to service, meals will be carry-out only. The Campus Food Pantry remains available to students who are food insecure. To request a delivery from the food pantry contact campus Campus Security at 620-229-0012
  • Activity on campus: Per the order, outlined above, you are welcome to exercise outside and shop at any local grocery store. When not engaged in these activities it is best that you stay on campus and in your residence hall room.
  • Questions/needs: As always, please communicate with your resident director or with the dean of student affairs, Dan Falk, if you have any needs throughout the Governor’s stay at home order. Resident directors may be reached at 620-229-6391.  Please limit your requests of our resident directors to essential needs only.

I am staying at home, when can I expect an update about adjustments to room and meal plan charges?
Information about the process by which student accounts will be adjusted will be communicated on or before April 1. 

Are any in-person academic gatherings (classes, tutoring, advisee meetings) allowed at this time? 
At this time, all formal or informal academic-related gatherings on campus are suspended.
All courses began remotely on March 23. Faculty may be reached by email or phone.

I left something I need (i.e. my laptop or textbook) in my dorm room, and am currently in quarantine at home or abiding by a travel restriction, what should I do?
For now, you are encouraged to communicate with your resident director to make arrangements for those kinds of items to be shipped to you.

If I live off-campus, but intend to come on campus, do I need to complete the health reporting form?
Yes, all students who are coming on campus, for dining services, for classes that are meeting in-person, or for resources (such as the library or student success services) must complete the health reporting form.

I don’t know what to do, should I come back to campus or stay home?
If you are unsure or worried about coming back to campus, we suggest and encourage, you to stay where you are.
It is absolutely okay for you to stay at home, and we understand your concern. 

If I choose to stay home now, can I come back later in the semester, when I feel it is safer?
Yes, certainly. Your space remains available, when you come back to campus you must complete the health reporting form.

Will staying home and completing my coursework remotely, negatively impact my grade?
No. Faculty and instructors are developing effective remote learning opportunities, and as is always the case, students have a responsibility in their learning and in communicating needs with their instructors.

If I choose to stay home and need to access my room on campus, can I?
At any time, but please contact the office of student affairs to make arrangements.

Why are you allowing students to come back to campus?
Most colleges and universities across the country, are keeping their residence halls and dining venues open, we are doing the same.
Just like these other institutions, we have a responsibility to our students for whom campus is home. We have an obligation to house and feed our students. We have an obligation to care for our students, particularly those who may be displaced or encounter food insecurity without access to campus housing and dining. 

All decisions we are making regarding what services remain open on campus are in conversation with our local public health authorities, and in full-accordance with their guidance and recommendations.

Are campus dining services hours of operation the same? 
The Dining Hall, Java Jinx, and Stir & Bustle are making adjustments to hours of operation. This change was informed by traffic patterns since returning from spring break. The hours below represent new dining service hours, which will begin Monday, March 30, 2020.

Dining Hall Hours: 

  • Breakfast: 9am-10am
  • Lunch: 11am-1pm
  • Dinner: 5pm-6:30pm
  • Brunch: 11am-1pm

Java Jinx will be closed Monday thru Friday.
Java Jinx weekend hours: 3pm-9pm

Stir & Bustle:

  • Monday thru Thursday: 9am-9pm
  • Friday: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday: 5pm-9pm

What do I do if I am self-isolating on campus and begin to exhibit symptoms – who will help me?
Email or call our dean of students, Dan Falk. We are prepared to work with the local medical and healthcare providers and campus dining services, and others, to support you through this process.  Dan will coordinate a diagnostic exam visit by the City-Cowley County Health Department. As part of the health department’s procedure for diagnostic testing, we must notify the health department before you visit the health department. If you are in self-isolation the residence life team and dining service team are coordinating food delivery.

How can students prepare for remote coursework?
During this time of unprecedented interruption, faculty are committed to providing the best education possible, no matter the circumstances. That will take adaptation from all of us and we will work through this together as we keep learning and growing.
Students should look for messages from their instructors about expectations for courses. Instructors and advisors may use online resources, such as Skype, Zoom, or Blackboard, as an alternative for in-person meetings, course discussion, or office hours -- they may also choose to call you directly. 

What does this mean for Baccalaureate, Graduate Hooding, and Commencement?
At this point, Commencement is scheduled for May 10. We anticipate that we will have more information in early April. Be assured that we desire to have Commencement and as many associated activities as possible. We will continue to monitor reports and recommendations, and communicate updates via email and the Commencement webpage. 

How do I determine if I am at elevated risk for transmitting the disease?
If you have traveled to a level 2 or level 3 country, or if you have come into close contact with a suspected COVID-19 patient. If either applies to you, please contact the office of student affairs, and know that you are required by public health officials to self-quarantine for a period of 14-days and monitor your health (looking for elevated temperature, tightness of chest, cough).

How do I best mitigate my risk for exposure/transmission of COVID-19?
Every student, faculty, staff who is on campus should implement frequent and effective hand-washing, appropriate social distancing, self-monitoring, and should report the onset of any symptoms. If any symptoms develop (fever, tightness of chest, cough), students should immediately notify our dean of students, Dan Falk, via phone or email; Faculty/staff should notify Lonnie Boyd.

I am uninsured, in Winfield and am in need of care – what do I do? 
While the City-Cowley County Health Department is offering diagnostic testing. The Community Health Center in Winfield offers income-based primary care to those who are uninsured or are without a primary care physician.

How can our community combat stigmatization related to the coronavirus?
Even as we work to respond to this situation, we also reaffirm our commitment to a safe, supportive and inclusive educational environment. We need to work together to keep our college free of discrimination and harassment. It is the Builder way to seek opportunities to offer care and support to those who have family and friends directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19 – and to treat people with respect and kindness.

What about events scheduled on campus?
All non-academic events for the next two weeks, until March 30, are canceled or postponed.

We are canceling our annual Founders Weekend celebration and Honors Convocation. Further communication will be coming about these events. Arrangements will be made to recognize our 2020 Master Builders and Scholars of the College in another way.

At this time the 2020 Commencement exercises remain on our schedule. We are committed to doing everything possible to be able to maintain this event. We update you immediately if any changes are made regarding graduation.

Moving forward this semester we will look to mitigate exposure by limiting all non-academic gatherings on campus to no more than 25 persons.

Updates about events scheduled beyond March 30 will be posted here.

What travel is allowed moving forward? 
For all faculty, staff, and students there is a travel suspension in place for college-related business outside of Kansas. If you travel out of the state for any reason moving forward, personal or professional, then you are required to complete a health reporting form (these are available for both students and employees). A 14-day self-isolation period may be required upon your return as determined by the City-Cowley County Health Department.

What about athletics moving forward?
The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced that it is canceling the spring 2020 sports season, effective immediately.

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