Campus Health Updates

Fall 2021 Campus Testing Totals - Updated Weekly*

Tests Performed Positive Results Active Recovered Hospitalizations
852 46 0 46 1

* Updated 10/08/2021

Campus testing began at the beginning of August and is available every weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in Pounds Lounge in the lower level of the Student Center to all members of the Southwestern College campus community. Any student/faculty/staff member who is experiencing symptoms is required to be tested before attending class, work, or practice/rehearsal. Any member of the SC community who is tested off-campus should report their results to

Announcement Regarding Fall 2021 
President Brad Andrews


  • Current case data for Cowley County may be found on the Kansas Department of Health and Environment COVID-19 response website.
  • Offices and facilities on campus are open to visitors and guests of the college. 
  • Masks are encouraged but not required for individuals who are unvaccinated for COVID-19. 



Fall 2021 Semester Procedures, Practices, Policies

Southwestern College implements and will carry out the following practices, policies, and actions. All employees and offices, all students and groups, of the college are expected to follow these instructions and do their part in complying with these expectations and practices.




With the widespread availability of highly effective vaccines in the U.S., we envision a return to normal delivery of most student experiences on campus.

The sustainability of our return to normal activity is reliant on a community vaccination rate that weakens the opportunity for community spread of the virus.

Vaccination is not required of students, faculty, or staff of the college, but is strongly encouraged. 

Students will receive incentives for becoming vaccinated and vaccination opportunties will be made available on campus throughout the fall semester.

Students who are vaccinated should bring their vaccination record with them to campus.


Self-Health and Hygiene


Regular hand washing and self-health monitoring are expected of every member of the campus community.

Daily Health Screenings are expected by each faculty, staff, and student.

If an individual feels ill or is experiencing symptoms of COVID they should receive a negative test result before rejoining the campus community for normal activity. 


Attendance Policy for Learning and Work


All students and staff of the college are expected to observe regular attendance policies as established by faculty or supervisors. 

Remote attendance will only become an option if the college enables a campus wide COVID Response Mode. 


Social Distancing


Classroom seats and desks will be spaced with 3' of distance. If a student would like additional accomodations they should be in contact with their instructor or program director.

If the college enacts COVID Response Mode, the community will return to a Campus-wide expectation to maintain 6-feet of distance from others wherever possible.




Masks are encouraged on campus for all individuals who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19.

If the college enables COVID Response Mode masks will be required in all indoor communal spaces on campus. 

All students, faculty, staff will receive cloth masks at the beginning of the year.

Disposable masks will be available at offices and events.




Testing will remain available throughout the fall semester, Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., in Pounds Lounce and is available to all members of the Southwestern College community. 

Symptomatic individuals are required to be tested and receive a negative result before returning to activity on campus.

In all incidences of postive test results, we will care for and offer support to individuals who will need to isolate during recovery. Isolation housing is available on campus for students. 




Non-essential college travel will only be restricted if the college has engaged COVID Response Mode, during which essential college travel (recruitment, fund-raising, student competitions) may continue with modifications.


Events / Visitors


Non-college guests and visitors are invited and welcome on campus.

College events are scheduled as normal, an event calendar can be found here. 

All college events will be re-considered, should the college engage COVID Response Mode.


Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting


Sodexo will perform enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all spaces on campus

Additional cleaning/disinfecting supplies will be located in every classroom, office, residence hall.




Service in the dining hall has returned to self-serve. Additional hand sanitation stations will be available.

Faculty, staff, and guests are welcome in all dining spaces on campus.

Increased grab-and-go food options will be available.


Performing Arts 


Modified program and physical arrangements for rehearsals and classes, allowing for appropriate distancing.

Performing Arts events will comply with all public health guidelines and recommendations.

Regular antigen testing of unvaccinated cast and crew preparing for performance will be conducted – immediate testing for symptomatic individuals.




All procedures and policies will be modified in accordance with NAIA and KCAC guidelines.

National Athletic training guidelines will also inform our process.

Athletic event attendance will comply with all public health guidelines.

Modified travel protocol – temperature checks on and off buses, and all other KCAC travel guidelines followed. 

Regular antigen testing of unvaccinated in-season athletes will be conducted as recommended by the athletic health coordinator – immediate testing will be conducted for symptomatic individuals.


COVID-19 Symptoms / Exposure


All guidelines and procedures are subject to modification and change in partnership with/as guided by county public health officials. 

The college will work with the County Health Department in all COVID-19 cases and exposures.

Unvaccinated individuals with known contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should quarantine and be tested before resuming normal activity.


COVID-19 Positive Cases


All residential students who test positive for COVID-19 will be isolated in a separate on-campus housing unit.

All faculty, staff, and students residing off-campus who test positive will isolate in their residence.

All active COVID-19 patients will follow directions and instructions of their health care provider and local health officials.

Those who test positive for COVID-19 can be with others once recovered as indicated by public health officials.

In the event of COVID-19 positive cases, the college will coordinate with county health officials for purposes of contact tracing and isolation; treatment, cleaning, and disinfecting of facility spaces; and determinations regarding short-term cancellations of events; and short-term remote instruction and operations.

The college may enable COVID Response Mode, periods of time when restrictions and modifications on campus will increase, if uncontained community spread occurs. 





Spring 2021 Campus Testing Totals


Tests Performed Positive Results Recovered Hospitalizations
5,979 65 65 2


 Final Update 05/07/2021




Fall 2020 Campus Testing Totals


Tests Performed Positive Results Recovered Hospitalizations
6,132 117 117 0


Note: Total numbers are for the testing period July 20, 2020 through December 31, 2020. 


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