Refunds for Unused Room & Board Fees 03/31/20

Refunds for unused room and board fees

Posted 03/31/2020

Southwestern College will take the following actions to refund unused housing and meal fees for the 2020 Spring Semester due to COVID-19:

  • Southwestern College will issue credits on student accounts for unused room and board fees.
  • Those credits will be calculated on a pro-rated basis – beginning from Monday, March 16 for those students who did not return to campus, and adjusted accordingly for those students who are residing on campus for part or all of the 8-week period following Spring Break.
  • The credits will be posted to student accounts at the end of the academic year and will be applied first to any outstanding balance on a student’s account.
  • Because faculty instruction is continuing on a remote basis and students are in the process of receiving credit hours toward completion of their academic program, no financial credit will be provided for tuition and other fees.
  • Graduating students, who have a credit on their account by the end of this academic semester, will receive a refund for that credit amount by the end of May.
  • For Returning students, any credit balance at the end of this academic semester will be applied toward charges for next academic year. Returning students, who would like a direct refund of the credit balance, please complete the direct refund request form. Direct refunds for returning students will be processed as soon as possible after the academic year ends and after credit balance refunds have been processed for graduating students.
  • For students living on campus throughout this semester, nothing changes with your billing or account. Residence halls remain open and campus dining services will continue to operate. Please see emails from student affairs staff regarding access to student services and residence life requirements in response to COVID-19.
  • For students who plan to complete the semester away from campus but have not yet checked out, there is no rush to collect your belongings right now. Residence Life staff will be in contact with you to schedule a residence hall check-out and time to gather your belongings once travel is safe. That check-out date will come sometime before May 8 when this academic term ends. In the interim if there is something you need from your room or if you have any other needs relative to your room on campus, email your resident director.
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