College Sustainability Council

Welcome to the Southwestern College's College Sustainability Council (CSC) web site. The CSC was established in February of 2011. The Council was established to be a focal point for information gathering, idea generation, and college wide advocacy for the colleges efforts related to the mission statement: Southwestern College strives to live by and teach a sustainable way of life.

The Council will be made up of 3 standing members. They are:

  • VP for Planning and New Programs (Steve Wilke)
  • Biology Professor (Rick Cowlishaw)
  • VP Communications (Sara Weinert)

The Council is co-chaired by Rick Cowlishaw and Steve Wilke.

Other members serve for multiple years as they wish. 

  • Brian Pekarek
  • Allyson Moon 
Campus staff
  • Shelley Fisher
  • Zak Larson
Green Team students
  • Aidan Goodrich 
  • Kali Brewer
  • Jessica Gremling
  • Caterina Wingfield
  • Krista Scheuerman
Council activity

The Council will meet two times in each semester. The meetings are one hour on the 4th Monday of the months in September, November February and April. A report of each meeting is sent to members of the administrative council and the faculty chairs and is posted on this site.

The Council does not dictate any efforts by any group or individual at the college. It will hear reports of sustainability efforts, make recommendations on next steps, provide visibility to efforts being done, and work to make sustainability efforts a unifying part of the college identity and culture.

The CSC defines sustainability at the Southwestern College in the following way:

At Southwestern College, sustainability is founded in the understanding that today’s actions shape tomorrow’s lifestyles. We realize that a sustainable future requires rethinking our relationship with the Earth—economically, ecologically, and spiritually. We believe that if persons are provided the knowledge and the means, they will choose to create and conserve rather than consume and waste, securing a sustainable environment for future generations.

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Build an education.

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