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Music for all ages.


  • Individual and group lessons
  • Small chamber groups
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Refresher classes for adults
  • Level-based rates
  • Classes at your convenience
  • Southwestern College Choral Union
  • JourneyKids Choir

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Teaching Benefits with the Community Music School:

  1. Creating a personal studio policy
  2. A location for lessons & recitals
  3. Free publicity for the independent teachers
  4. Money is handled by the CMS administrator
  5. Numbers of students
  6. Group lessons
  7. Protection of a public place
  8. Receptionist
  9. Lobby/waiting area for parents and students
  10. Advertise studio recitals on-campus
  11. Organize studio events
  12. Bring guest artists on-campus
  13. Variety of spaces to work in


This year’s theme for the Community Music School is called Musical Journeys. Our focus is to help our members move through the pathways that music can offer them, while providing a number of workshops and camps that can supplement their learning in private lessons.

Private lessons will resume August 28th and conclude on December 14th. If interested in signing up, email us at

JourneyKids Choir will begin on September 19th after Voice Placements occur on September 5th and 7th at Ark City Middle School and September 12th and 14th at Winfield Middle Schooo. For more information, check out our Upcoming Events page.

To learn more about these great opportunities, contact the Community Music School at 620-229-6188.

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