Course Development Institute 2018

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Mark your calendar now if you have plans to develop a course over the summer. This four-day, "mornings-only", institute will begin on the morning of Tuesday, May 15th, and will continue through Friday morning, May 18th, 2018. By way of highly interactive processes and activities, the work of the institute will guide you through the beginning phases of developing a new course or adding new dimensions to an existing course, and will allow for immediate feedback on your plans from colleagues in other departments and disciplines.

Participants should choose one course to develop or "re-develop".  By the end of the CDI, participants can expect to have:

  1. determined learning outcomes for students in one class they have chosen to develop

  2. outlined a major final assignment (or exam) that gathers evidence about the extent to which students have achieved those outcomes

  3. developed a basic schedule for the course they have chosen to develop

  4. mapped out and aligned assignments and grading that directs students toward their learning outcomes

  5. written a lesson plan outline for one day of the course

The schedule for each day begins at 8:30am and ends at 1:00pm with lunch, but participants will need the afternoons and evenings of each of the days to develop documents for feedback the following morning.  Participants will work primarily in multi-disciplinary groups of 3, and it is important to be able to attend all 4 mornings so that your group is "complete" each day.  

Tuesday morning - Develop SLOs and get feedback from colleagues
Tuesday afternoon/evening (on your own) - Draft a "final exercise" for the course
Wednesday morning - Get feedback on "final exercise," begin work on course skeleton
Wednesday afternoon/evening (on your own) - Draft a course skeleton
Thursday morning - Get feedback on course skeleton, begin work on final exercise rubric
Thursday afternoon/evening (on your own) - Draft final exercise rubric
Friday morning - Form new groups and get feedback on rubric, learn CATs, develop and get feedback on lesson plan

All materials are in a Blackboard course, so when you register as a participant, you will get access to the course.


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