Advanced Oral Communication

These courses will improve students' ability to verbally interact in college level classroom discussions. The courses will improve students’ comprehension and response to academic spoken discourse.  At the Advanced level, students are expected to interact at normal levels of fluency with educated speakers using specialized vocabulary. Students will develop advanced listening skills such as interpreting rhetorical cues; summarizing and paraphrasing; accurate note-taking.  Students will develop advanced speaking skills in formal and informal presentations.

American English and College Culture

While discussing various topics relevant to student life at American Universities, student will work to develop fluency, structure, vocabulary, writing, and presentation skills.   Students will examine cultural differences in educational settings, including specific strategies necessary to get the most out of the college experience. Students will react to readings in classroom discussions, formal presentations & debates, and in written assignments.

In addition, the course places an emphasis on the review of sentence-level grammar and editing. Students will examine specific problematic structures, and work to self-correct these areas in their written work.

Advanced Reading

The Advanced Reading courses provide vocabulary and reading skills for students whose next step will be entering mainstream college courses.  The texts provide interesting articles which are supplemented by academic articles and textbook passages. In addition, students will read a book outside of class in order to increase their reading fluency.   Students at the Advanced Reading level will read multiple page academic style essays with and advanced subject vocabulary. Topics may become are complex and nuanced. Students should be able to interpret authors’ intent .  Reading speed may still be limited by vocabulary and increased complexity of texts.

Advanced Writing

Advanced Writing prepares students to write multiple page essays, short research papers, and answer short essay exam questions.  Students will continue to practice the writing process, with emphasis on editing and re-writing.  Students will write several essays of different genres.  Students will learn to integrate credible sources into their writing.

In addition to textbook assignments and essay writing, students will keep a writing journal to develop writing fluency. 

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Build an education.

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