Straight Talk

President Dick Merriman

The September 17 Newsweek cover asked the question, “Is College a Lousy Investment?”  You might have read other articles, watched television programs, or spoken with people who are questioning the value of a college education.  In addition, you as parents are concerned about tuition costs, financial aid and the value of the education.  You shared those sentiments in an online survey last year.

The college would like to set the record straight and provide you helpful information as you think about tuition costs, college debt and long term benefit of higher education.  We provide these pieces to affirmation of what we have already shared with you and to respond to the myths and misconceptions.

  1. THE NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE:  The Council of Independent College (CIC) has produced a comprehensive fact sheet and press release regarding student debt. CIC is a national organization that represents private colleges like Southwestern College across the country.  The following link breaks down the question and provides help answers regarding the affordability and benefits of a college degree.
  2. THE SOUTHWESTERN PERSPECTIVE: President Dick Merriman wrote an excellent companion piece that provides “straight talk” specifically about the college.  In his analysis, he helps explain why Southwestern is a both worthy and excellent investment in your student’s future.  He splits the article into a short version which highlights the major points. He also provides a longer explanation which breakdowns the concept and provides comparison data.

    Letter to Parents 2012 (PDF)


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Build an education.

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