Your Student and Their Health

Of course, we all hope your student never has a health problem at Southwestern, but odds are that your son or daughter will be under the weather at least a time or two. Besides reminding him/her of frequent handwashing and common germ avoidance (they’re probably in closer quarters than they were at home), here are some ideas to consider when helping your student through health issues at Southwestern College.

  • Communicate—Students must communicate that they are not feeling well.  Whether he/she talks to parents, coaches, professors, or residence life staff, it is important to make sure someone else knows your child isn’t feeling well.
  • Action Plan—Because of the complexity of insurance, students need to work with their parents on how to handle an illness.  Please, use the list provided and consider the options available for treatment.  If students have questions, residence life and student life staff, coaches, or athletic training staff can also be a resource for advice.
  • Information—It is important that students carry an insurance card and understand their medical history.  It would be a good idea to contact your insurance company for a list of covered providers in the Winfield area.

Student Health Insurance

Southwestern College has an agreement with United Healthcare Insurance to provide coverage to student athletes and international students who may not have insurance.  Student athletes and International students are required to have insurance.  If student athletes or international students are already covered by insurance, they can complete an online waiver showing they are covered under another insurance plan.  If a student athlete or international student is not covered or does not complete the waiver, Southwestern College will bill the student and they will be automatically covered under the United Healthcare Insurance plan.
For other students who need insurance, the Golden Rule Insurance Company at is an option provided through United Healthcare and Southwestern College.  The Golden Rule home page has a link to get a quote and different policy options after the prospective customer gives pertinent information.

The toll free number is 1-800-985-2870.

Student Life Office

Student Life has compiled a list of potential providers in the area.  The student will need to contact these providers directly for appointments.  Please understand this list is provided for informational purposes only.  You and your student will need to contact the provider directly to determine if they are seeing patients.  The staff in Student Life is available to assist students with any issues in communicating with area health care providers.

The main number to the Student Life office is (620) 229-6391.  Please do not hesitate to contact that number with questions or concerns.

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