Spring Semester Calendar

CalendarYour student has many opportunities to get involved on campus during the spring semester. The campus life aspect of Southwestern has a wealth of opportunities including academic lectures, athletic events, theatre and music performances, community services, career planning events, and campus organizations, traditions along with weekly college planned activities. Check out:

  1. The official Southwestern calendar, which can be accessed by your student with his/her intranet sign-in.
  2. Campus life website:
  3. Student media website,
  4. Also access sctv, the SC Collegian, KSWC radio, the jinx, Buildersports Twitter, SC news live on qik.
Residence Hall closing and reopening

All residence halls closed for winter holiday break on Friday, Dec. 13. They will reopen on Sunday, Jan. 5. No student will be permitted to enter the residence halls unless prior authorization is received by the Student Life Office. If you have any questions, please contact Residence Life (620-229 6392) immediately.


Build an education.

Build an education.

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41 main campus and 16 professional studies undergraduate majors, 27 minors, teacher certification in 13 areas, and 6 graduate programs.