Winterize Your Student

As it shifts into the dark winter months, it is important that your students take care of themselves. This time of year, it is important to get plenty of rest, eat right, and get plenty of exercise. Student Life staff ask for your help to encourage your student to follow good health habits for illness prevention. It is vital to the ability to make it through the intensity of college life.

  1. Have they had a flu vaccination? These are available through most doctor offices and health departments. If you need help finding a resource, please contact Student Life at 620-229-6391. 
  2. Do they have a medical care professional? Make sure to contact them at the first sign that they are not feeling well. Also take precautions when his/her roommate or friends become sick.
  3. What happens if they feel down? Have them contact the on-campus Counseling Services located on the first floor of Sutton. The service is free and confidential.
Build a life

Build a life

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