What is FERPA? What parents can expect?

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  It establishes students as the owner of their educational records and gives parents no rights to access their student's records without the student's consent. FERPA does give the college the right to share certain information if the parent provides a federal document that denotes the student as a tax-dependent.

The college works to help students become responsible for their own learning process through demonstrating their accountabilities as adults.   As a result, we direct most of our communication to the student regarding academic, social, and activities.   We then encourage them to share this information with you as parents.

We are aware that there are circumstances where parents have legitimate concerns regarding their students.  In these incidences, we consider not only our legal responsibilities, but also the philosophy of the college and the circumstances regarding the particular incident   Parents are informed about the conduct of their students if they are placed on disciplinary probation, residential suspension, disciplinary suspension or disciplinary expulsion. They are also informed of academic progress, if their student is placed on very serious academic warning, suspension or dismissal.

If you want additional information, please read the college’s website:

or the US Department of Education Web site:

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