Course Descriptions


ART 103 Graphic Design 
The course will cover the basic design principles of layout, color, and typography. Class time will be spent on discussions, lectures, critiques, individual meetings, and work sessions. Cross-listed with Communication. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 123 Basic Drawing 
Various approaches to drawing such as contour, gesture, shading, and perspective, with the use of such tools as graphite, charcoal, ink, etc. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 205 Introduction to Photography 
A study of camera, film, composition, light and lighting, flash and the principles of photojournalism as it relates to storytelling. Building a portfolio is included. Cross-listed with Communication. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 212 Stained Glass 1 
A beginning studio class utilizing copper foil lead technique with multicolored glass to create traditional and innovative designs. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 213 Stained Glass 2 
An intermediate studio class utilizing copper foil lead technique with multicolored glass to create traditional and innovative designs. Prerequisite: ART 212. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 215 Painting Studio 1 
The practice of painting techniques. Several media such as acrylic, oil, water color, and mixed media. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 216 Composing With Paint & Draw Programs 1 
The application of art, illustration and graphic design principles using paint and draw programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash. Focus on art work for screen-based and print-based media. Cross-listed with Communication. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 221 Sculpture 
Sculptural possibilities explored through disciplined application of form principles in a variety of materials ranging from paper, clay, and stone to woods, fabric, and metal-jewelry techniques. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 223 Art in the Elementary School 
Lecture and workshop course. The lectures would consider the meaning of creativity in elementary education and the several stages of self-expression. The workshop portion of this course will consist of an introduction to and the use of basic art materials which might be used by the elementary teacher. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 227 Advanced Drawing 
Advanced principles of drawing utilizing a variety of drawing mediums. Prerequisite: ART 123. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 237 Basic 3-Dimensional Design 
This course will provide a general introduction to 3-dimensional design. This course will cover the 3- dimensional design elements and principles by creating 3 dimensional objects in various media. 

The student will become acquainted with diverse types of form (organic, geometric, mechanical, static dynamic) by building empty/volumetric and solid/ massive 3–dimensional objects. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 315 Painting Studio 2 
A continuation of ART 215. Prerequisite: ART 215. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 316 Composing With Paint & Draw Programs 2 
A continuation of ART 216. Cross-listed with Communication. Prerequisite: ART 216. Credit 3 hours. 

ART 337 Advanced 3-Dimensional Design 
This course is a continuation of Basic 3-Dimensional Design. This course will convey how the 3-dimensional design elements and principles are applied in depth. The student will seek a problem and solve it, develop critical thinking skills, construct meaning and cultivate creativity. Prerequisite: ART 237. Credit 3 hours.

*2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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