Class Schedule

Classes in the history department are offered every other year. 
Normally offered on the following two-year cycle.

Fall of Odd-Numbered Years
HIST131 American History to 1865
HIST342 Russian History

Spring of Even Numbered Years
HIST132 American History since 1865
HIST364 Junior Research Methods
HIST464 Senior Research Seminar

Fall of Even Numbered Years
HIST121 World History to 1500
HIST343 Russian Cultural History

Spring of Odd-Numbered Years
HIST122 World History since 1500
HIST332 Kansas History
HIST364 Junior Research Methods
HIST464 Senior Research Seminar

Other elective courses offered semi-regularly
HIST335 History of American Christianity
HIST337 History of Methodism
HIST345 The Medieval World
HIST383 Revolutionary Europe
HIST 333 Class and Race in American History
HIST 372 Pirates!
HIST 375 World War II Firsthand



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Build an education.

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