Course Descriptions

HIST121 World History to 1500
An introduction to the history of the major civilization centers of the ancient and medieval world, from the Middle East to Asia and Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Credit 3 hours.

HIST122 World History since 1500
An introduction to the history of the major states and regions of the world in modern times, from the discovery of the New World to the present. Credit 3 hours.

HIST131 American History to 1865
A survey of the history of North America from colonial times through the founding of the United States, to the close of the Civil War. Credit 3 hours.

HIST132 American History since 1865
A survey of the history of the United States from the Reconstruction to the present, with an emphasis on the changing domestic developments and emerging international role of the U.S. Credit 3 hours.

HIST242 Belarusian History and Culture
This course introduces students to the complexity of Belarusian identity through an exploration of the country's history and culture. Students will consider various examples of Belarusian expression, including literature, music, cinema, and customs, as well as the contemporary issues that define the current political and cultural climate. Credit 3 hours.

HIST332 Kansas History
A detailed investigation of the history of Kansas: the land, peoples, cultures, and political, social, and economic development. Credit 3 hours.

HIST335 History of American Christianity
A survey of people, places, and events of American Christianity set in the larger context of world history. It invites students to explore the role Christianity has played in North America in shaping (as well as being shaped by) cultural characteristics of the United States. Cross-listed with Religion. Credit 3 hours.

HIST337 History of Methodism
An introduction to the general characteristics of Methodism, focusing on the United Methodist Church in the United States. Beginning with John Wesley, it moves to the history of American Methodism, considers doctrinal controversies and changes, surveys denominational structures and touches upon contemporary issues. The course provides an overall introduction to the history, doctrine, and polity courses required for seminary students planning to enter United Methodist ministry, but is accessible to all students interested in gaining familiarity with this denomination. Cross-listed with Religion. Credit 3 hours.

HIST342 Russian History
A broad examination of Russian politics and society from the origins of Russia in the ninth century, to its rebirth under Moscow after the Mongol occupation, with special emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. Credit 3 hours.

HIST343 Russian Cultural History
A survey of Russian culture from medieval to modern times, with special attention to music, visual arts, the literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, and Soviet/post-Soviet cinema. Credit 3 hours.

HIST345 The Medieval World
An in-depth examination of the major new empires in medieval times—Islam, Christian Europe, and the Mongols—and how their interactions of warfare, colonization, travel, and trade constituted the medieval “world.” Credit 3 hours.

HIST355/455 Advanced Topics in History
An in-depth analysis of a particular historical problem or theme. Topics are dependent upon the interests of the history faculty but will address a specific period, region, thematic area, or historiographical approach. Credit 3 hours.

HIST361/461 Advanced Topics in History
A course utilizing the seminar approach to specialized topics of historical investigation, combining individual research with traditional classroom discussion. Credit 3 hours.

HIST364 Junior Research Methods
An introduction to critical issues of history as a professional craft, designed to provide hands-on experience with research topic selection, historical source collection, primary source interpretation, and attendant issues of historiography and theory. Required of all junior history majors. Graded S/U. Credit 3 hours.

HIST383 Revolutionary Europe
A broad examination of the idea of revolution and the era of political, scientific, and industrial revolutions in Europe, from 1688 to 1917, with special attention to their impact on the 20th century and contemporary world. Credit 3 hours.

HIST385 Revolutionary World
A comparative examination of several of the major revolutions of the 20th century, including the communist, nationalist, and religious influences that helped bring them about. Credit 3 hours.

HIST388 History in Film
An examination of the pros and cons of film as an increasingly popular and frequently inaccurate medium for historical subjects. Recommended for future secondary educators. Credit 3 hours.

HIST422 20th Century World History
An overview of major global trends and events in the 20th century, with emphasis on the interaction between the U.S., other nations, and international organizations in a global context. Credit 3 hours.

HIST459 Practicum in History
Designed to give the student experience in museum or historical archives work. Prerequisite: Consent of department head. Credit 1 to 6 hours.

HIST464 Senior Research Seminar in History
A consideration of historiography as the philosophy of history and the methodology of historical research and writing. Students will read and discuss texts on the practice of history and as the main component of the course grade, will develop a topic to research, write, and present in a senior thesis for both peer and faculty review. Required of all senior history majors. Prerequisite: HIST 364 and consent of instructor. Credit 3 hours.

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