Mission Statement

"Changing ourselves and the world around us through servant leadership."

Vision Statement

As a Team, we are committed to making a positive difference and to leaving an impacting legacy. Recognizing the power of service, we accept the responsibilities of:

  1. Challenging the Process
  2. Inspiring a Shared Vision
  3. Enabling Others to Act
  4. Modeling the Way
  5. Encouraging the Heart

In fulfilling these responsibilities, we will be loyal to and respect each other as we strive to obtain our personal missions.

The 2020-2021 Theme: Kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscope Theme 2020-2021

This 2020-2021 theme is all about “Seeing the World through a Lens of Possibilities


Recent Team Events

  • FWD Pop-Up: The team came to together to help beautify the outdoor classroom. With teamwork and determination, the outdoor classroom was transformed into a space that is now utilized by several other campus groups!
  • 2nd-year team dinner: Good team work comes with a strong relationship with one another. In September, the 2nd year team planned a picnic for the ships where they bonded through dinner and a mask decorating competition.
  • Celebration of Dean Kennedy: Dean Kennedy, a partner of SC Leadership and member of Winfield Rotary Club was recognized for his 50 years in the banking industry. A couple ships showed up to his celebration to surprise him & thank him for his help with SC Leadership!
  • 1st-year team building activities:  SC Leadership is all about teamwork and relationship building. In one of the 1st year team meetings, they had a friendly competition on what group could build the tallest tower out of straws, marshmallows, and tape.
  • 2nd-year team worked together to build the arbore for outdoor classroom: With the outdoor classroom now beautified, it needed a few last touches. The 2nd year team worked together to build a lovely arbore in the entrance of the outdoor classroom & it looks great!
  • Letters to My Younger Self: Maria Collins, a junior leadership student read a letter from Caylin Overfield, a SC alum who was a member of the leadership team and women’s basketball team. Caylin now lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two kids (soon to have a third) and works as a nurse in a pediatric hospital.

More Information

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Moundbuilding ceremony 2016

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