Minor in Leadership Studies

A minor in Leadership Studies can provide individuals with an advantage in the work force and is a strong complement to every major that Southwestern offers.  Almost any career benefits from your competence in:

  • Increased knowledge of self
  • Use of persuasion, collaboration, conflict, and creativity
  • Ethical use of power
  • Knowledge of community building
  • Vision

 Read more about Leadership Development in this article by authors at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Curriculum Requirements

All of the following:

  • LEAD 101 Introduction to Leadership
  • LEAD 206 Leadership & Ethical Worldviews
  • LEAD 307 Leadership Research
  • LEAD 408 Leadership Practices

One of the following:

  • LEAD 225 Non-profit leadership and social impact
  • POLS 100 Active Citizenship and Integrative Learning

One of the following:

  • Internship in major field with a leadership analysis component, minimum 3 credit hours
  • Study Abroad with a leadership analysis component, minimum 3 credit hours
  • LEAD 330 Service Learning Travel

Leadership Studies Course Descriptions

LEAD 101 Introduction to Leadership. An introduction to leadership theory begins the class. Analysis of historical leaders, contemporary leaders, and self as a leader follows. Students end the class with a learning experience designed to foster collaboration among a team of students and one that gives opportunity for that team to articulate a shared vision. Credit 3 hours.

LEAD 206 Exploring Leadership. Study of proactive thought, personal and group visioning, ethics, and areas of personal leadership self-assessment will be covered. Facilitating group process and giving and receiving constructive criticism will be emphasized during the class time. Prerequisite: LEAD 101. Credit 3 hours

LEAD 225 Nonprofit Leadership and Social Impact. Students will explore the intersection of nonprofits, businesses and the government as they relate to the public good.  Specifically, this course will provide opportunity to explore nonprofit organizations in relation to organization structures, relationship to the public and private sectors and funding strategies.  Students will explore the concept of voluntary action for the public good and analyze leadership theories that are well-suited to the nonprofit and public contexts. Special topics focused on social change and innovation will be addressed.  As a part of the course, students will analyze and visit a community nonprofit organization of their choice and study needs, assets and stakeholder groups.  Additionally, students will participate in awarding a grant to a nonprofit organization. Credit 3 hours.

LEAD 307 Leadership Research. Readings, experiential learning activities and reflective writing will help students develop leadership knowledge in four areas: fcollaboration, conflict resolution, creativity, and written persuasion. After an introduction to all four areas, students will choose one area to study in depth. Prerequisite: LEAD 206. Credit 3 hours.

LEAD 408 Leadership Practices. Students will envision, design, implement, and evaluate a project as the project leader, in consultation with peers and faculty. All project leaders will meet weekly for consultation. Prerequisite: LEAD 307. Credit 3 hours.


Dr. Cheryl L. Rude
Professor Leadership Studies
Director Leadership Southwestern
B.S. University of Kansas
M.Ed. Wichita State University
Ph.D. Union Institute & University
(620) 229-6381

Leadership Outside the Classroom

Students interested in expanding their leadership experience may apply for an interview to be part of Southwestern's nationally-recognized Leadership Southwestern team. Apply here â–º

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